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Well i have just recieved my tom Brown tracker knife.....i love it. Great service getting this knife to me all the way in Kuwait. I will be taking this to Afgan, i will make sure i tell everyone about your wesite and all the great service. Thanks so much!!!!
Brian P. - ( US Military)


If you are looking for Hunting knives, Bowie knives, Survival knives or Tactical knives that are still made in the USA - You are at the right page. Many brands are having knives produced in foreign countries because it is cheaper. That does not mean those knives are inferior, But if you are looking for Hunting Knives, Bowie Knives, Survival Knives or Tactical Knives that are USA made this is your page. On this page you will only find Hunting knives, Bowie knives, Survival knives and Tactical knives that are still made right here in the USA. As soon as a knife model starts being made outside the USA we will remove it from this page. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Buck Bantam BLW, Mossy Oak Handle, Plain (SKU: 285CMS)
Lansky Standard Knife Sharpener System (SKU: LKC03)
Buck Bantam BHW, Mossy Oak Handle, Plain (SKU: 286CMS)
Buck Protege Flick-It w/ORC folding rescue knife (SKU: 450BKXFL-B)
Buck Omni Hunter Knife - 390BKS-B 10PT Drop Point Hunting Knife (SKU: 390BKS-B)
Buck Hartsook Ultralite Neck Knife (SKU: 860BKS)
Lansky Universal Knife Sharpening System (SKU: LKUNV)
Case Knives - Ridgeback Hunter (SKU: 362)
Lansky Natural Arkansas Knife Sharpening System (SKU: LKNAT)
Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpener System (SKU: LKCLX)
Buck Omni Hunter Hunting Knife - 390CMS-B 10PT - Camo Handle (SKU: 390CMS-B)
Buck Omni Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knives - 12pt, Drop Point, Black (SKU: 392BKS-B)
Gerber Gator II Hunting Knife - Drop Point (SKU: 22-41414)
Buck Omni Hunter 395BK Folding Hunting Knives -10pt, Drop Point, Black (SKU: 395BKS)
Gerber Gator Folder Hunting Knives - Clip Point (SKU: 46069)
Kershaw Chive Tactical Knife (SKU: K1600)
Buck Folding Hunter Hunting Knives (SKU: 55BRS)
Buck Omni Hunter 395CM Folding Hunting Knives - 10pt, Drop Point, Camo (SKU: 395CMS)
Buck Omni Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knives - 12pt, drop point, camo (SKU: 392CMS-B)
Buck Omni Hunter 12PT Guthook Hunting Knife (SKU: 393BKG-B)
Buck Omni Hunter Folding Hunting Knives - 12pt, Drop point, Black (SKU: 397BKS)
Kershaw Chive Tactical Knife - Pink (SKU: K1600PINK)
TOPS Knives Chico Knife w/ LED Light (SKU: CHI-01)
Buck Ranger Folding Hunting Knives (SKU: 112BRS)
Buck Omni Hunter 397CM Folding Hunting Knives - 12pt, Drop point, Camo (SKU: 397CMS)
Buck ErgoHunter WaterFowler Select Knife (SKU: 490BKS)
Gerber Gator Folder Hunting Knives - Drop Point (SKU: 6064)
Buck Folding Hunter Hunting Knife (SKU: 110BRS)
Buck Omni Hunter Folding Hunting Knives - 12pt, Gut Hook, Black Handle (SKU: 398BKG)
Buck Woodsman Hunting Knives (SKU: 102BKS)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife (SKU: K1660)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife - Serrated (SKU: K1660ST)
Kershaw Chive Tactical Knife - Stainless Steel (SKU: K1600SS)
Lansky Professional Knife Sharpener System (SKU: LKCPR)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Stonewashed (SKU: K1660SWBLK)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Purple (SKU: K1660PUR)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Olive Drab (SKU: K1660OL)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Orange (SKU: K1660OR)
Ka-Bar Short Black Knives (SKU: KB1256)
Gerber Guardian Back-Up, Black Blade (SKU: 45803)
Case Knives - 3.13" Fixed Blade Hunting Knife (SKU: C379)
Case Knives - Ridgeback Caper (SKU: 1401)
Case Knives - Ridgeback Drop Point (SKU: 1407)
Buck Ranger Folding Hunting Knives - Grooved Handle (SKU: 112BRSFG)
Buck Pathfinder Hunting Knives (SKU: 105BKS-B)
SOG Knives Flash II Folding Knives (SKU: FSA-8)
Case Ridgeback Drop Point Fixed Blade Hunting Knives - Rosewood (SKU: 1402)
Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Hunting Knives (SKU: 119BKS)
TOPS Knives A.L.R.T. Tactical Neck Knife (SKU: ALRTXL05)
Buck Omni Hunter 394CMG-B Hunting Knife 12PT - Camo - Gut Hook (SKU: 394CMG-B)
Buck Skinner Hunting Knives (SKU: 103BKS-B)
Buck Alpha Hunter Folding Drop Point Hunting Knives - Rubberized handle (SKU: 279BKS)
Kershaw Chive Tactical Knife - Black - Tungsten (SKU: K1600BLK)
Kershaw Chive Tactical Knife - Rainbow Chive (SKU: K1600VIB)
Kershaw PackRat Knife - Serrated (SKU: 1665ST)
Buck Woodsman Hunting Knife - Cocobolo Handle (SKU: 102BRS-B)
Buck Alpha Hunter Fixed Blade Drop Point Hunting Knives - Black Rubber Handle (SKU: 694BK)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife - Black Tungsten (SKU: K1660CKT)
Ka-Bar USN Fighting/Utility Knife (SKU: KB1225)
Ka-Bar Army Fighting/Utility Knife (SKU: KB1219)
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