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Well i have just recieved my tom Brown tracker knife.....i love it. Great service getting this knife to me all the way in Kuwait. I will be taking this to Afgan, i will make sure i tell everyone about your wesite and all the great service. Thanks so much!!!!
Brian P. - ( US Military)


You may look directly at Folding Survival Knives or Fixed Blade Survival Knives.  Our survival knives have multi-purpose blades.  For single purpose blades please check our Tactical Knives.  If you do not find survival knives that fit your needs please CONTACT US.  Also check out our Assisted Opening Knives. 

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Blackhawk NightEdge Knife (SKU: BH-15NE10BK)
Blackhawk Tatang Black Fixed Blade Survival Knives (SKU: BH-15TT00BK)
Boker Armed Forces Tanto Folder I (SKU: B-01BO112)
Boker Gemini Law Enforcement Tactical Pocket knife (SKU: B-110090B)
Boker SUBCOM (SKU: B-01BO589)
Buck Bones Folding Survival Knife (SKU: 870CMX)
Buck Protege Flick-It w/ORC folding rescue knife (SKU: 450BKXFL-B)
Case Knives - USMC Knife (SKU: 334)
Cold Steel Bowie Blade Bushman Knife (SKU: 95BBUSS)
Cold Steel Bushman Knife (SKU: 95BUSS)
Cold Steel Knives - Recon Scout (SKU: 39LRST)
Cold Steel Knives - Spartan (SKU: 21S)
Cold Steel Knives - SRK Tactical Knife (SKU: 38CK)
Down Under Knives - Bush Dagger (SKU: DUKBD)
Down Under Knives Red Rock Raptor (SKU: DUKR3)
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife (SKU: 31-000760)
Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Knife (SKU: 31-000752)
Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife (SKU: 31-000754)
Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife (SKU: 31-000751)
Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife Serrated Edge (SKU: 22-41534)
Gerber LMF II Infantry Knives (SKU: 22-41629)
Gerber LMF II Survival Knife - Coyote Brown (SKU: 22-41400)
Gerber Silver Trident Survival Knife - Double Serration (SKU: 6995)
Ka-Bar Army Fighting/Utility Knife (SKU: KB1219)
Ka-Bar Black Fighting Knife (SKU: KB1211)
Ka-Bar Black Tanto Knives (SKU: KB1245)
Ka-Bar Fighting / Utility Knives - Foliage Green (SKU: KB5011)
Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife - Large (SKU: KB1277)
Ka-Bar Short Black Knives (SKU: KB1256)
Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knives (SKU: KB1217)
Ka-Bar USN Fighting/Utility Knife (SKU: KB1225)
Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Purple (SKU: K1660PUR)
Mini Tom Brown Tracker #4 Knife (SKU: TBT-040)
Schrade US Army 13 Survival Knife (SKU: ARMY13)
SOG Knives Jungle Primitive Survival Knife (SKU: F03T)
SOG Knives Daggert 1 Bead Blasted Blade (SKU: D25B)
SOG Knives Daggert 1 Black Blade survival knife (SKU: D25T)
SOG Knives Daggert 2 Bead Blasted Blade (SKU: D26B)
SOG Knives Daggert 2 Black TiNi Blade (SKU: D26T)
SOG Knives Revolver Hunter (SKU: FX20-N)
SOG Knives Seal Pup Survival Knives (SKU: SOGM37)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Black TiNi Blade (SKU: TF-1)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Black TiNi Tanto (SKU: TF-7)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Desert Camo (SKU: TF-5)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Digi Camo Serrated (SKU: TF-10)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Digi Camo Tanto (SKU: TF-11)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Plain Edge (SKU: TF-2)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - Tanto (SKU: TF-6)
SOG Knives Trident Folding Knife - TigerStripe (SKU: TF-3)
SOG Seal Pup Elite Knives (SKU: E37)
SOG Seal Team Survival Knives (SKU: S37)
TOPS Knives American Trail Maker Knife (SKU: ATM-01)
TOPS Knives Atax Hand Axe (SKU: ATAX-01)
TOPS Knives Black Rhino Survival Knives (SKU: BRPH-102)
TOPS Knives Tom Brown Scout, Combat/Sportsman (SKU: TBS-010)
TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker T2 Survival Knife (SKU: TKTBT-020-T2)
TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta Handle (SKU: TKTBT-010)
Folding Survival KnivesFolding Survival Knives on sale at Free shipping is available on folding survival knife orders.
Fixed Blade Survival KnivesSurvival Knives with fixed blades available from North American Knives
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